How to burn a Sage Stick safely:

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not burn the flower wands.

Flower wands are not for burning.

If you want to do a burning ritual you can purchase Sage or loose herbs from the website.

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Burning Instructions for Sage Stick

Hold the Sage at a 45-degree angle, light the tips of the sage, gently blow out the flame as soon as you see it so that you see orange embers only, not a flame.

Continue this process till you have reached your desired smoke strength. Then you can start the process of clearing your space. Waft the smoke around, do this in a clockwise circle in each corner of your room. Always burn on or over a heat resistant surface, within sight and out of the reach of children and pets. Avoid drafts. Handle with care.

leave a window open before, during, and after smudging. This allows smoke to escape. Allow the ash to collect in a ceramic bowl as you go.

Never leave a burning smudge unattended. When finished , Make sure they are completely extinguished. You can do this by dabbing the lit end into a small bowl of sand or a little water. Once it's completely put out, store it in a safe, dry place out of the direct sun. You can use them multiple times.

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Care instructions for your flower wand
Take your flower wand out of the packaging as soon as they arrive to you. Place it in an open basket to get plenty of fresh air. Keep out of direct sunlight. Avoid keeping the wand in rooms with high humidity (Example: Garage, Laundry, Dryer, Air-con etc). As they are real dry flowers, colour may slightly fade as the time goes by. They also shrink over time and may need the crystal to be tied up again. The wand will not fall apart if you cut the string around the crystal. The wand has been bound separate from the crystal. If taken care of well, your flower wand will last months looking absolutely beautiful.