Where are you based?

- Sydney, NSW

Do you offer a pick up option?

- We are online based store with delivery only option. 

Where do you ship to?

- Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore, UK, New Zealand. 

Do you make your smudges?

- We design and handcraft every single smudge sticks ourselves. It is a beautiful process that we love and enjoy. 

Do you do custom orders?

- Due to high volume of orders, we are unable to do custom orders at this stage. 

Where do you source your crystals? 

- All of our crystals are sourced from ethical locations around the world. Every single one of our products is hand chosen by us. Each piece is unique and one of a kind, so if you find something you love, get it before it's gone.

How do i pick a crystal?

- We truly believe the crystals you need are the ones which will call out to you; for some mysterious reason. You will be drawn to it, as soon as you see it. 

How to use sage/palo santo?


How long till my order is dispatched?

Time required for your order to be packed

1 - 2 Business days.

Your delivery will be Lodged with the post no later than the next day Mon - Fri (Weekends & Public Holidays not included)

At this time we do not have an express Packing offer.  This means if you chose to ship with express post it is for the delivery times offered by Australia post When your parcel is received at the depot.

Delivery Time Frame within Australia When received by the post

• Express Post: 1-5 business days or more
• Parcel Post: 3-10 business days or more


- Please be aware that due to the rapidly-evolving COVID-19 and boarder closures our shipping times may be extended by several days.

Our company policy requires all deliveries to have signature added due to many claims of delivered to the incorrect address or stolen.