Citrine Crystal Meaning & Properties

Citrine Crystal 

Citrine is a transparent, yellow variety of Quartz, ranging in colour from pale to golden yellow, honey, or almost brown, and may contain rainbow or sparkle inclusions. The name comes from the French word citron, meaning "lemon". It was used as a gem in Greece as far back as 300 B.C., and because of its colour, is sometimes mistakenly referred to as Gold Topaz, Madeira or Spanish Topaz, or Safranite. A stone of manifestation, imagination, and personal will. 

Citrine Crystal Meaning 

Citrine is a type of quartz, and it comes in a wide range of yellow shades. At Dante’s Luxury, you can buy genuine citrine clusters and more, so you can enjoy citrine healing properties at home. 

Meaning – While this is a beautiful gemstone simply to wear or display, you will no doubt want to know the citrine meaning. Citrines are said to represent happiness and success, and this sunny yellow gemstone will no doubt make you feel joyful.  

When to Use – Citrines are ideal for when you need extra strength and positivity in your life. Some people wear citrine jewellery every day to boost their physical endurance and lift their mood, and you can get the full benefit by wearing it before sunrise on a Thursday morning during the Shukla Paksh period. 

Chakras – Citrines are an essential gemstone for when you’re working on your sacral chakra because the citrine crystal meaning centres around creativity and success.

Properties – If you’re using a citrine for healing, you’ll find it has properties that can help with many ailments. It’s said to help with issues around the urinary tract, kidneys, and digestive system, as well as helping you during periods of low energy or mood. 

Geological Description – Citrine is usually formed from purple amethyst that has been exposed to heat over long periods of time. Some people ask ‘is citrine topaz?’ and the answer is no, as citrine is a type of quartz.

Where is Citrine found?

Natural Citrine can be found in the Ural Mountains of Russia and in Madagascar. Most Citrine – that is, heat-treated Amethyst – comes from Brazil. Amethyst and Citrine colors can occur together in the same crystal in some gems in Bolivia. These unique stones are called Ametrine.

How hard is Citrine?

Citrine rates a 7 on the Mohs scale and has good toughness, so it is suitable for all jewelry types. This includes rings as long as the wearer understands its limited hardness.

Where can I buy Citrine Crystals in Australia?

How can you tell if citrine is high quality?

When you are shopping for citrine jewelry, color is the most important value factor: the more vivid and bright the golden hue, the more valuable the citrine. Citrine ranges from a light pastel yellow to a dark reddish orange. The best quality of citrine has a saturated golden hue with fiery orange flashes inside.

Can I wash citrine in water?

Citrine can be safely cleaned with warm, soapy water. Ultrasonic cleaners are usually safe except in the rare instances where a stone is dyed or treated by fracture filling.

Where can I buy Citrine in Australia?

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