Celestite, also known as celestine, is a mineral that forms blue crystals. Recognisable by its dreamy pale blue colour, celestite is well-known for its healing properties. If you are looking to buy a genuine celestite crystal in Australia, you are in the right place. At Dantes Luxury you can purchase real celestite crystals enabling you to enjoy celestite calming properties at home.

Meaning – This crystal is beautiful to look at, but you are no doubt interested to know celestite meaning. Celestite is said to be connected with divine power and helps to increase connection to higher consciousness. This light blue gemstone will support your connection to the universe and the divine.

When to Use – Celestites are good to use when you require additional healing power and calm in your life. It can be used as a focal point in meditation or prayer. Incorporating this stone as a visual aid in your home or private space will focus your mindfulness practice. You can also harness the peaceful energy of this gemstone and use celestite for sleep. Its calming powers are known to aid sleep and relaxation. 

Wearing celestite as jewellery is a beautiful way to connect with the gemstone’s energy. You can also carry the crystal with you throughout the day. For use during meditation, prayer, or sleep, placing a celestite crystal carving in the room helps to prepare you for both contemplation and sleep.

Chakras – Connected with the third eye chakra, Anja, the celestite crystal is an essential gemstone to use when you want to connect with your higher consciousness. The celestite meaning centres on healing, wisdom and connection to a higher power, and deepens your connection with your wisdom chakra. 

Properties – This restorative gemstone has many therapeutic properties. The healing celestite properties help put your body at rest and improve sleep. This crystal is a powerful aid in relieving stress and anxiety. The celestite healing properties also help to promote inner peace.

Geological Description - Celestite is a strontium sulphate mineral that forms into crystal clusters and geodes. The most frequently found form is the distinctive blue-grey variety.   

Is celestite toxic?

No, celestite is not toxic. The gemstone has no known toxic risk and is not known to be hazardous, it is safe to handle, wear and place in your home.

Is celestite a quartz?

You may be wondering, “is celestite a quartz?”, and the answer is no. Celestite is a strontium sulphate mineral that forms into a precious gemstone. The celestite crystal combines well with other quartzes such as amethyst and clear quartz to enhance perception and increase intellectual intelligence.