Blue Apatite Crystal Meanings & Properties

Blue Apatite Crystal: What Is It & What Are Its Benefits? 

Combining within itself the colour of ice and ocean, Blue Apatite crystal is a true marvel to behold. 'Apatite' means 'to deceive', indicating the ever-changing hue of the magical blue crystal. This calcium sulfate mineral is not only beautiful to look at, but it also ushers in an abundance of spiritual properties into your life. 

Spiritual Benefits of Blue Apatite Crystal 


Blue Apatite crystal is widely known for aiding in manifestation. This powerful crystal surrounds you with high vibrational frequencies and helps you set your intentions out in the universe. If you're manifesting a positive life transformation, keeping Blue Apatite by your side would speed up the process. 




The key to self-awareness and spiritual awakening is introspection. Blue Apatite crystal helps you take a close look into your soul. It helps you understand yourself better, and opens up your heart to the vast knowledge that the spiritual world has to offer. As you're stepping into a future full of possibilities, this crystal lends you the power to get a deep insight into your own psyche. 


Calm & Soothing 


This crystal creates an aura of tranquility all around you, where everything feels calm, soulful, and soothing. It makes you forget about the worldly causes of stress and worries and helps you spiritually transcend beyond the limited realms of this world. If your soul is fraught with anxieties, this crystal can heal your agonies, and replace those negative feelings with a newfound sense of peace. 


Motivational Power 


On days when you're lacking the energy and the motivation to do something, this crystal would be your ideal companion. Its calm and peaceful aura motivates you to work towards your dreams and keeps you protected from negativities. It empowers you with the strength and determination you need to stay focused on your goals. 


When placed beneath the pillow, Blue Apatite crystal gives birth to visionary powers within you. It helps you connect with the spiritual world through the medium of visions and dreams, and creates a channel of communication between this world, and the realm of the greater forces of the universe. 




At times when you're experiencing difficulty in achieving clarity of thought or action, this enchanting blue crystal would show you the way. It clears away unnecessary thoughts and helps you be aligned with your true inner self. 

It enables you to make important life decisions with a clear and rational mind, keeping you strongly in tune with the higher vibrational frequencies and the elevated powers. 


When you meditate with the Blue Apatite crystal placed near you, you not only focus better, but also stay aligned with your purpose, goals, and aspirations. The aura of its strong positive energy clears away mental fog and allows you to practice mindfulness with a peaceful and content heart. 

Bring home the ethereal Blue Apatite crystals from Dante's Luxury, and bask in their immense spiritual powers.  

How hard is  Blue Apatite?

Apatite ranks at 5 on the Mohs scale and as such is quite a fragile and soft gemstone.

How rare is Blue Apatite?

Apatite are rare, beautiful, blue gemstones from Brazil and Madagascar. Apatite is a hugely popular gemstone that comes in almost every shade of blue, from cool neon through to bright indigo and vivid royal blues.

Where is Blue Apatite Found?

Blue apatite can be found in a number of regions, including Brazil, Madagascar, Mexico and Burma, although the largest deposit is in Russia, in the northwest town of Kirovsk.