The Spiritual Powers of Astrophyllite: Benefits & Uses

Astrophyllite is a natural crystal that signifies transformation, fidelity, light, and positivity. Hugely popular among stone collectors and spiritual practitioners, this crystal not only carries a visual charm but also bears heaps of properties that can help you lead a better life. 

How Can Astrophyllite Help You? 

  • Positive Aura & Redemptive Power
  • This crystal is full of positive energy and light. When you pick Apophyllite as your crystal, you are choosing positive energy over negative thoughts, energies, and actions. 

    It keeps the darkness away and fills your life with rays of hope and light in every possible way. The redemptive power of this crystal allows you to accept yourself, so you are able to show love and respect to yourself.  

  • Boost Confidence 
  • Whenever you feel like your life has hit a plateau, and you need some external force to help you move forward, Astrophyllite comes to your rescue. It raises your confidence, helps you seek your purpose, and empowers you to be your own authentic self. 

    The strong energy of this crystal clears out the fog of doubts that might be blinding your vision and inspires you to move ahead. 

    • Awareness 

    If you are carrying the burden of past guilt, hurt, or trauma, this crystal can be beneficial for you. It allows you to be more aware of the past, so you have a better understanding of the events that took place. 

    Astrophyllite helps you connect with not only your immediate past but also the past life. It gives you a psychic glimpse into your own self so that you understand yourself better. 

    • Emotional Healing 

    Astrophyllite is also known for promoting emotional healing. It opens up the Heart Chakra and allows your inner soul to be more receptive to healing and loving energies. 

    When you're in need of emotional balance and mental peace, this is the crystal you should keep by your side. It heals your heart and encourages you to rise up. 

  • Happy Relationship
  • Whether you're in a new relationship, or you and your partner have been together for a long time, Apophyllite can make your bond stronger. Known as the marriage stone, this one promotes loyalty and dedication between partners. 

    When you have the strong aura of Apophyllite to guide you, expect to grow a healthy, happy, and loving partnership with the love of your life.  

    How to Use Astrophyllite? 

    The best way to get the most out of your Apophyllite crystal is to place it at an easily visible location. Be it on a bookshelf, on your study table, or in the bedroom, whenever Apophyllite is kept somewhere accessible, your attention goes towards it more frequently. This allows the crystal to be more effective. 

    You can also wear Apophyllite as an accessory, but jewelry made of this crystal is not very common. If you plan on wearing it, you can create a jewelry piece by yourself, and keep the piece close to you. 

    When you have this crystal nearby at all times, you can expect unpredictable events occurring, to keep you aligned with your real purpose in life. 

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