Our Sun - The Spiritual side

Is There Any Spiritual Significance of the Sun? 

Sun, the star that keeps us alive, abounds in spiritual significance. It is quite literally the reason why we are alive and existing in the face of this planet. But the Sun is so much more than your daily source of Vitamin D. In the realm of spirituality, the Sun carries a deep spiritual significance. 

  • The Higher Power 
  • The Sun is held in high esteem across many cultures. Christians believe that the Sun symbolizes Christ and the values that He embodied. At the same time, the Sun is often referred to as the abode of Archangel Michael. In Greek Mythology, the Sun is alluded to as the eye of Zeus. The connotations may differ from culture to culture, but the key idea remains the same. The Sun is the spiritual source of every living being, and it stands for the higher power. 

  • Signifies YOU 
  • One of the key elemental forces of Nature, the Sun represents your true self. Exposure to the Sun allows you to connect with your inner self, and helps you explore the unknown recesses of the mind. This is the reason why you feel particularly joyful when you're soaking in the beautiful sun rays. The Sun not only brings you closer to your own essence but also connects you to the realm of the celestial beings, in a spiritual manner. 

  • Eliminates Negativity
  • The Sun represents energy and power in its purest form. When the sun is shining above, the negative energies clear out on their own. You will find more room for happiness, joy, and positivity. Since the sun is our source of light, energy, vitality, it brings in good health and abundance. 

  • Spiritual Recharge 
  • The Sun is responsible for activating the Solar Plexus Chakra, which is situated right above your navel. If this Chakra is not properly activated, lethargy sets in, and you feel anxious. Those who spend time under the sun regularly tend to feel less stressed, as compared to those who don't. Sun works as an agent for the spiritual recharge that fills you up with a newfound sense of purpose and makes you feel energized. 

    So now that you're aware of the spiritual significance of the Sun, it's time to embrace this element in all its glory and stay in touch with the elevated realm.