How to Use Crystals: Your Guide to Spiritual Healing

How to Use Your Crystals 

Humankind has been using natural crystals for healing since time immemorial. Found in the lap of mother nature, crystals are of different shades, shapes, and sizes. They are an excellent companion for practicing mindfulness and welcoming positive energies into your life. 

The effectiveness of crystals depends heavily on how you use them. In this article, we are going to discuss the right way to put your crystals to use and embrace their powers in your life. 

Choose the Right Crystal for You 

Before diving into the world of spiritual healing, you need to find the right crystal for you. If you're seeking something specific in life, such as love, abundance, tranquility, emotional healing, or creative energy, you have to choose the crystals that resonate with your desires. You can also keep an unflinching faith in the higher powers, and pick a crystal intuitively. 

Keep It with You Everywhere You Go 

Carrying a crystal is perhaps the easiest way to stay connected to its healing powers. You can use crystals as a charm in your necklace, bracelet, or even keep one in your pocket, wallet, or handbag. 

This practice will help you be in close proximity to the crystal, so you will feel its energy with a higher intensity. For times when you feel the need for divine intervention, hold the crystal close to yourself, and stay aligned with your higher self. 

Use It During Meditation 

The idea behind meditation is to calm the wild thoughts of the mind, be still, and focus on your inner self. If you're having a hard time concentrating, using crystals during your mindfulness practice can be a game-changer. All you have to do is hold the crystal, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel the aura of positivity surrounding you. 

As your heart and soul delve deeper into the meditative process, you will feel lighter, as if you're transcending the limitations of the world, and becoming one with the spiritual world. This experience will help you connect with your crystal on an intense level. 

Different crystals carry a different aura, and as you keep experimenting, you will feel drawn towards a particular one, which indicates that you need those energies in your life at the moment. 

Make A Crystal Grid 

If you are interested in crystals, chances are that you already know about crystal grids. To explain in simple words, crystal grids are created to amplify the power of these natural stones. You have to set an intention, arrange a geometrical shape using crystals, and start connecting the shapes to begin the process. This is a powerful way to be aligned with your purpose using your crystals. 

Keep A Crystal in Your Home 

Crystals can be a beautiful addition to your home decor. They not only light up your space but also add a unique touch to even the most boring corners of your room. From tabletops to window sills, bookshelves to planters, you can place crystals wherever you want. 

They infuse an ethereal appeal into your living space, and at the same time, raise the vibration of your surroundings. 

Place Crystals on Your Body 

While holding a crystal gives you a new lease of motivation and inspiration, placing them on your body is even more powerful. When you are trying to cater to a particular chakra, you need to keep the crystal in the corresponding area to promote healing. 

For example, when you're trying to open up the third eye chakra, you have to place the crystal over your forehead. For the crown chakra, you have to keep the crystal over your head, and for the heart chakra, over your chest. 

Take A Bath with Your Crystals 

A cozy, relaxing bath with a few scented candles lit up by the tub feels nothing short of heavenly. And when you add crystals to your bathtub, you are sure to experience an inexplicable aura that heals you from within, soothes your soul, and uplifts your spirit. However, before you dip your crystals into the water, you have to make sure that they are waterproof. You can also keep them somewhere near the tub, and absorb their healing energies while taking a bath. 

Use Them for Spiritual Cleansing

When you feel the need to cleanse your own energy, or that of an object, a crystal comes to your rescue. Ever since ancient times, both smudge sticks and crystals have been deeply involved with the idea of spiritual cleansing. In case you do not have a sage smudge stick nearby, you can always use a crystal to purify your aura, and usher in the positive energies. 

Keep One Under Your Pillow 

As crystals are known for their calming and soothing properties, they can bring about a significant improvement to your sleep cycle. Keeping a crystal under your pillow tones down the mind's chatter. It helps in alleviating stress, tension, anxiety, and fear, keeps your mind at peace, and boosts your physical and emotional well-being. 

Boost Your Yoga Sessions 

If you are someone who practices yoga, you can make crystals an integral part of your session. Yoga is concerned with both the mind and the body, so it's necessary to maintain a calm composure. Having crystals by your side helps in creating a peaceful environment all around, and you feel more mindful, still, and in tune with your intentions. 

Whether you are doing an intense yogic pose or a relaxing one, crystals help you set the mood and the aura. As a result, you enjoy your yoga session even more, while also being on track with your spiritual growth. 

Experience the Power of Crystals with Dante's Luxury 

There can be no better alternative to crystals if you're seeking clarity, peace, and spiritual healing. At Dante's Luxury, you will find an array of natural stones and crystals, ranging from clear quartz to rose quartz, aventurine to amethyst, and many more. Collected from different corners of the world, each piece of crystal carries with it an ancient tale that had been deeply concealed within the heart of the earth. 

The abundance of spiritual powers and healing properties of crystals have made them immensely popular throughout the ages, and even today, they are widely revered for their magical charm. To embrace the optimum potential of the crystals, you first have to choose the right ones for you, and then, use them in the correct way. Although there is no hard and fast rule as to how you should use crystals in your spiritual journey, there are a few guidelines that you must follow to get the best results. 

As elaborated in this article, you can keep your crystals in your pocket or handbag, place them on specific body parts to open the chakras, use them during meditation and yoga, keep them under your bed, use them as decorative elements in your home, or utilize their cleansing properties. 

So what are you waiting for? Choose your crystal from the collection of Dante's Luxury, and take your first step towards spiritual healing and growth.