How to Care for your Dried Flowers

How do I care for my dry flowers is the hot topic at the moment. To be honest, dried flowers are very easy to take care of. Here's a few tips that will help you keep your dry bouquet looking beautiful for months to come <3

Dried flowers are fragile and they will change colour over time. As the time goes by they slowly transform into more rustic look and that changing appearance just adds to their charm.

Whether you are having a beautiful bunch of dried flowers or simply some stems in a vase to enjoy at home, these are our tips to prolong the life of your dried flowers.

Dried flower care tips

  1. NO water please: Dried blooms do not need water. Keep them dry at all times.

  2. Store away from direct sunlight!: Dried flowers will naturally fade over time. Keeping them away from direct sunlight will help last longer.

  3. Be gentle, as they are fragile: They are fragile, and become more fragile as time goes on. Shedding is very common. You can collect the petals and enjoy them in another way. For example if you have fallout buds from lavender, collect it in a little pouch to rub and smell it for a calming burst of scent.

  4. Keep out of reach of little kids and furry friends: They’re best kept out of reach of children and pets to keep them looking their best for the longest time. To avoid knocks, getting caught in furry coats and to stop them ending up in little mouths - Some flowers are not edible!!

  5. Well ventilated area: Store them in a well ventilated area, away from moisture. If they become moist they can become mouldy. Sometimes vases can capture moisture and humidity within them so check the stems within the vase now and then - see that they’re nice and dry. 

Now that you have some extra tips & tricks up your sleeve for ensuring the longevity of dried blooms, why not try some out for yourself! If you’re looking for a beautiful dry flower bouquet with crystals then checkout our range of handcrafted Crystal flower wands