Guardian Angels

All About Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels are God's way of keeping you wrapped with divine protection. They lead you to the right path, help you grow, and look after your wellbeing. These celestial beings are always around you, all you have to do is tune into the right vibrational frequency, and connect to your Guardian Angel on a spiritual level to seek their guidance. 

In life, you will have 3 Guardian Angels to align you with your purpose. 

  • Earth Angels 
  • Earth Angels remain close to earth and offer their blessings to those who are seeking it. They help in materializing your wishes and manifestations by showering you with abundance, safety, and good health. 

    When you are trying to manifest something physical and closely related to earth, such as wealth, or a new house, you should always call upon the Earth Angels to be your guide. 

  • Soul Angel 
  • As the name suggests, the Soul Angel helps you connect with your essence, i.e., the soul. On times when you're trying to introspect and delve deeper into the dim recesses of your mind, the Soul Angel comes to your rescue. 

    The Angel paves way for self-love and self-appreciation, fills your heart with motivation, and allows you to forgive yourself for your past deeds. The Soul Angel is also instrumental in connecting you with your soulmate. For times when you're embarking on a new relationship or seeking spiritual healing, the Soul Angel would be your guide. 

  • Sky Angel 
  • The Sky Angel connects you to the higher forces of the universe and manifests in the form of spiritual insights and creative forces. The Angel enables you to look forward to the future, and think about the great things that are coming your way. 

    When the Sky Angel is there as your guide, you are likely to experience their blessings in the form of vivid dreams and visions. 

    Signs that You're Connecting with the Guardian Angels

    Guardian Angels show up in your life at just the right moment, when you're in need of their protection. For the times when you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and indecisive, you will find the divine forces coming down to soothe your agonized soul. Here are a few signs that you're connecting with your Guardian Angel. 

  • Physical Sensations 
  • When the angels are connecting with you, you might get goosebumps out of the blue, or maybe a pleasant fragrance, a beautiful sound, or a unique, sweet taste in your mouth. If these signs occur at a time when you're in need of guidance, know that the angels are there by your side. 

  • Sudden Burst of Emotion 
  • If you have ever felt a sudden surge of emotion, as if you're being loved and comforted, it's highly possible that your Guardian Angel is around to protect you.

    • Meditation 

    When you meditate, you raise the vibrations and create a channel to connect with the higher powers. You may seek guidance from the Guardian Angels while meditating or ask them to give you a sign of their presence.