Cleansing Your Crystals: A Simple Guide

  • Cleansing Your Crystals: A Simple Guide
  • Crystals are a powerful spiritual tool. They help us physically, emotionally, and connect us with our environments. While they look after us, it’s important that we look after them too. We do this by cleansing and charging them - so they remain effective.

    What should you do when you first purchase a crystal?

    When your crystals arrive, it’s important to know that they’ve been sitting unused for a while. Many people like to use water to cleanse their newest purchases.

     As water always runs downwards, towards the earth, it becomes symbolically important - letting negative energy out of the crystal and back into the earth.

    While faucets are fine, running streams tend to be better as they’re closer to nature. Simply fully submerge your stone and feel the negative energy dissipate.

    After this, place it in natural light to dry, allowing it to soak up the sun's nurturing rays.

    Note: Not all crystals like to be in water such as Selenite. If in doubt you can always reach out to us and ask

    Cleansing Before Use

    As many people use crystals for meditation, a great way to cleanse them before use is through smudging. Using smoke to clear the air, the crystal energies are given the space to shine through properly.

    What’s more, smudging provides a great ritual to begin your routine, whether you’re meditating or otherwise. After your ritual, you can place the smudge stick in a dish near your crystals to continue the process passively.

    During a Full Moon

    Full moons are important spiritual events, great for charging your crystals.

    As the moon begins to reflect sunlight, it's essential that you place your stones in an open space, ready to receive this energy. By placing them in view of the moon, they will absorb its energy before reflecting it onto you, each with unique qualities.

    After Use

    Many crystals absorb negativity. However, many can become blocked or “full”, which stops them from radiating good energy.

    Therefore, it’s essential to cleanse after use, so your stones aren’t holding negative energy for next time. We recommend burning sage to dispel negativity, as it brings a fitting end to your routine.