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Tranquility Crystal bundle


Tranquility Crystal bundle

Hailing from the Zen tradition of Eastern Asia, our Tranquility Crystals are centred around ideas that have sustained communities for centuries, much of which is centred around the idea of introspection and examination of one’s self, favouring action ahead of doctrine and knowledge. This results in many meditation practices stemming from the Zen tradition, which we aim to improve with our crystals. To achieve this, we’ve included Smokey for grounding and stability, Amazonite to ease worry, allowing you to focus on yourself when meditating, Howlite, to improve sleep, Clear Quartz for guidance and harmony, and Selenite for cleansing.

These can be used as a focus of your meditation, or placed in the home as a reminder to remain present, as they harness the energy present in the universe which can invite a tranquil, zen state when harnessed properly. While size and shape may vary due to natural variation in the earth from which these crystals came, this serves as a reminder to accept the natural state of the universe and move with it, a concept widely found in Zen tradition. Includes a velvet bag in order to keep the crystals on your person without causing damage.


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