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'Wisdom' smudge wand - Astrophyllite (New Edition)


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Beautiful astrophyllite with pyrite and blue flash. Astrophyllite is excellent for inner wisdom, aiding us to discover our purpose in life and helping us recognize our true self. Through self-acceptance, it allows us to release any unhealthy habits and encourages to make positive changes.

Each smudge wand is handmade with dry sage, lavender and bushflowers. Towers are tied to the wand with cotton twine. You can light the smudge with or without the crystal tower. If you are lighting with the tower attached, please make sure you take the tower off as soon as you reach close to the crystal. 

With the crystal you can meditate and manifest your desires. Crystal energy will guide you and provide you a sence of calmness and inner wisdom. 

Smudge wand is ideal to use multiple times. For example, we use ours appx 10 times or more. Remember, a little goes long way. 

Wand comes with user instruction and randomly picked. 

Listing is for 1 pc only 


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