Dante's Luxury - Crystals & Sage

White Sage Crystal bundle ~ Citrine (Heated)


Abundance, Wealth ~  Floral Smudge with citrine (heated)

Goodluck, creativity,  sunshine, Abundance 

How beautiful do these smudges look?

We have made them with the intention to bring abundance and goodluck. Manifest your dreams. 

The light and love you are searching lies within you.

You are magic, you are love..

- Dispel negative energy

- Creativity 

- Energy boost

- Fire energy 

- Cleansing

- Manifestation

Citrine (Treated) is from Brazil, size will vary as they are randomly picked.

***Handmade item***

☆☆☆ Small size smudge stick 10cm ☆☆☆

 How to care for:
Take your smudge stick out of the packaging as soon as they arrive to you. Place them in an open basket where they can get plenty of fresh air. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Avoid keeping smudges in rooms with high humidity (Example: Garage, Laundry, Dryer, Air-con etc). As they are real dry flowers, colour may slightly fade as the time goes by. If taken care well, your smudge stick will last months and months and months looking absolutely beautiful.

☆If you choose to light the smudge, please take the crystal off the smudge before lighting☆

Dante's Smudges are not just about the burning ritual. These smudges enhance the mood by the flowers beautiful colours, Beautiful Design and the aromatic spellbinding fragrance given from each unique flower. We are often told they are to beautiful to burn, well they don't need to be burnt to work it's magic. One can instantly smell the magic when the box is open, feel the magic when the smudge is seen and fall inlove with its magic when put in a place in ones home, workplace, car or where ever you feel it belongs.

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