'WEALTH' Crystal bundle


'WEALTH' Crystal bundle

Modern life seems to be a race to be the most productive, in the least amount of time, and while this isn’t all there is to life, productivity has undoubtedly become an important part. But why approach life without aid from the universe? With our Wealth Crystal Bundle, you can harness the power of nature to ready yourself to become your most productive. This is achieved using Aventurine for good luck and opportunity, Amethyst for abundance, Citrine for creativity, Clear Quartz to provide guidance and therefore protecting against risk, and Carnelian, harnessing passion and desire for the right things.

For maximum effect, these can be placed at the centre of productivity areas in the home, such as the office or near the computer, now that much business takes place online. This focusses energy inspiring confidence and productivity, while aligning yourself within nature to set yourself up to maximise results - boosting wealth. What’s more, these can be meditated with in order to ground yourself in the morning and prime yourself to not be tempted by distractions, getting in the way of achieving monetary goals. Our Wealth Bundle is the ideal gift for the bread winning businessperson or debutante entrepreneur.

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