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Tiny Heavenly Angel/Opal Aura geode

Tiny Heavenly Angel/Opal Aura geode- 1 pc gorgeous geode, Aura Geodes, Loving vibration and guidance from Angel, Very grounding

1 pc randomly picked small Angel Aura Geode. Every single piece is absolutely gorgeous.

Perfect to sparkle up your alter and life.

Angel Aura geodes are a very tranquil and peaceful geode.
It has very grounding energies that will be very beneficial to balancing aura.

It can purify and align all our chakras. A geode for peace, love and harmony.

Angel Aura harmonizes energy fields and make them work beautifully with physical body.

These gorgeous pieces are from Morocco.

You will receive a randomly picked angel aura geode.
*Premium grade geode*

*** Appx 4cm to 6cm**

**May vary slightly**

*** Please note they are small size and randomly picked***

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