Sunstone Angel Flower Wand



  • Sunstone Crystal: The Energising Stone

  • The Sunstone crystal takes after its namesake: radiating energy to everything in sight. Like the sun, it nourishes and encourages growth, while energising you Chakras. With this replenished energy, you can allow your real self to come through.

    A light crystal, with orange inflexions throughout, this stone radiates light both visually and spiritually throughout your space.

    What’s the Meaning of Sunstone?

    With increased energy comes increased confidence. With this stone in your presence, you may find yourself with heightened originality and enthusiasm. If you’ve been wanting to rekindle your love for previous interests, this stone can give you the spirit to go out and do it.

    As a healing crystal, Sunstone removes any negative energy that could be keeping your mood down. This makes it a potent stone for mental health, and many use it to treat depression and anxiety.

    We all know the powerful link between our mood and our physical health, so this stone is essential to have around.

    By re-energising the Chakras, this stone allows us to remove ourselves from harmful relationships - choosing only those who nourish our souls. The Chakras are pervasive in our lives, controlling anything from intuition to sexual energy. Having them fully energised is essential to well-being. 

    How Should I Use Sunstone?

    Due to its radiating energy, this is a great stone to brighten up your spaces. It can also be used as a tool in mediation, as you can hold it to your heart as your take a moment to be present. This ensures that you absorb as much of its energy as possible, as you become physically close to the stone.

    All in all, Sunstone is an incredibly positive crystal. Living up to its name, this stone is a huge source of energy and growth, allowing us to be our best selves, making ht most of the present and its opportunities.

    Sage properties:

    - Cleansing 

    - Detoxify 

    - Improves mood 

    - Calming 

    - Highly aromatic 

    - Dispel negativity 

    ☆ Flower wand is appx 18-20 cm long. ☆

    Dante's Flower Wands are made with the intention to bring in love and positive energy into your living space. Our wands are designed to enhance the mood by the flowers beautiful colours and aromatic spellbinding fragrance. The Crystals attached are not only gorgeous, but they're also believed by many to contain a pure and powerful energy that's able to cleanse and change energy, including the energy within our home. Hold your wand and allow yourself to have a physical reminder of the positive changes you’re working on in life. When you get side tracked from your goals, your crystal will hold the energy of your intention, and provide a physical touchstone that you can hold to get back in tune with those ambitions. Whether you’re looking to reduce stress, accept more love from yourself, or pursue your passion in life, your crystal flower wand will help you with your goal.

    ​Please note the flower wand is not for a burning ritual. Place your flower wand in a well ventilated area away from moisture. For a burning ritual you can purchase plain sage and loose herbs from our website.

    Designed and Handcrafted in Sydney, Australia


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