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Stress relief and calmness Set


This exquisite gift set, packed with loads of love and care, is here to relieve all sorts of tension, stress, and apprehensions. In the modern world, it has become difficult to cope with the increasing amounts of pressure, uncertainties, and anxieties. To calm your soul, let the crystals be your guide. If you're in need of guidance, protection, and healing, the powers of the earth will come to your rescue.

The kit includes Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, Lepidolite, Selenite, Palo Santo, and a White Sage floral smudge stick. The crystals bring in harmony, peace, joy, and emotional balance to your life. They soothe your heart and usher in a ray of hope into your life.

Unleash the incredible powers of nature and the universe, and surround yourself with high-frequency positive energy at all times, steering clear of negativity.

Please note all crystals are natural. Size, shape, colour, clarity will vary. 

Each kit comes with an information flyer. 



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