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Smokey Quartz Pendant


 Beautiful smokey quartz pendant. 

Smokey Quartz crystal meaning: An ideal crystal for Protection, Grounding, Energy balancing, Surrender, Helps to let go, Mood elevator. 

Colour: Light to dark smokey Gray and brown 

Smokey Quartz origin: Found in many locations,  including Australia, Brazil, Madagascar, Scotland, and the U.S. 

History and Lore: When Smokey Quartz enters a room, it (Metaphorically) opens all the windows and let's in all the light. This beauty has been used in mourning jewellery since the 16th century and was especially popular in Victorian era. 

☆ Listing is for pendant only☆

How to care for: 

☆☆Please do not wear your pendant in the shower,  water, gym. Avoid spraying perfume directly on to them. Tarnishing may naturally occur over time ☆☆


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