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5 pcs ~ Selenite Protection Beams (Medium)


5 pieces selenite beams to place them around (indoor) your house to protect and shield from negativity. These small beams are excellent to put on the windowsill, entry of the house and corner of any room. Each natural handcut beams are sourced from Morocco.  

Selenite has a beautiful milky sheen that illuminates from the surface.This crystal itself is often referred to as “liquid light” and can be used as a communication device between physical and Angelic world. This crystal provides a calming effect that naturally puts mind at ease and provides its carrier with mental and emotional clarity.

A protective stone, Selenite always shields a person or space from outside influences. It can evoke protection from the angelic realm and also dispels negative energy. Selenite helps one connect with one's guides, guardians and Higher Self.

☆Thickness may vary☆ 

☆Listing is for 5 pcs intutively picked beams☆ 

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