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Sea Melodies~ Mini Gift Set


'Call upon the sea to wash away all your worries'

Just like the Beautiful sea and shore this set is curated to take you to a place of enchanted love and soothing energy. 

1x Sea Melodies Card Deck ~ Be swept away by the endless ocean into a world of mermaid magic. This set of 40 inspiring cards beckons you to treasure the simple things and unravel the mysteries of the sea. When feeling lost in the currents of everyday life, let the enchanting and mystical songs of the mermaids guide you towards the right path. Take solace in the legends and lore of the deep blue sea.

1x Cleansing Bundle with White Sage, Palo Santo and Clear Quartz. Ideal for cleansing your home, living space and aura. 

1x Moon Goddess Mini Gem Candle with beautiful amethyst crystal chips to calm and soothe you. 

Gift bundle comes tissue wrapped in a mailing box. 


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