Dante's Luxury

Sage - Mist


Sage cleansing mists made with sage , sweet orange and rose geranium essential oils and rose quartz chips.

Absolutely beautiful aroma with uplifting and cleansing vibrations. This mists is my everyday go to. If you have small children and pets then this is a fantastic alternative to burning sage.

Release the tension and cleanse your aura and space with this earthy sage mist.

- Aromatic

- Fresh and uplifting

- Improves mood

- Cleanse negativity

- Aromatherapy

- Energy balance

- Aura mist 

Handmade in Sydney

Listing is for one bottle of sage spray only 

Appx 90ml ☆ Please note~ there may be different label design ☆ 

All Citrus oils have wax residue left in the oil after cold processing which may present as particles floating in the oil.  This is totally normal and a sign of a real cold pressed citrus oil.

Spray the mist around your living space and walk through it. 




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