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Rose Quartz Love Gift Set


Handcrafted gift set for you and your loved ones.  

1x Crystal smudge 

1x Rose quartz bath soak 

1x Fist size raw rose quartz 

Each set comes with a beautiful rose quartz  smudge wand which is perfect to cleanse, purify and promote self love. Sage is known to dispel negativity. These wands are made with all Australian grown herbs and wild flowers. A beautiful lush rose quartz is attached to the handle of the wand to heal your heart from grief, loss and heart ache. 

A bag of botanical bath soak with epsom salt and  rose quartz. Simply add 2 table spoon to your warm bath water and relax. Loose yourself in the aroma of pure rose geranium and wild flower. Perfect for your bath time meditation.  

Raw rose quartz from Madagascar which helps to promote peace, love and relaxing energy. From heart healing to sleep, from self love to stress relief rose quartz is the perfect companion. 

Each gift set comes with a smudging mantra. 

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