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Protection with Black Tourmaline- Smudge Wand


Handcrafted smudge wand with black Tourmaline.  Each Tourmaline pieces has amazing mica inclusion. Made with sage, pine, bush flower, lavender, rose and eucalyptus. 

Black tourmaline is knows to be a powerful protective and grounding crystal.

Spiritually, sage is known to have healing properties and with the power of intention and spiritual connection with the source of All That Is. The ancestors have been using Sage to assist with healing and clearing for centuries. It is believed that the scent of the Sage (while burning) is intolerable to lower energies (lower frequencies, lower vibrations, negative energies, bad energies, evil spirits, spiritual curses, etc.) and at the same time aids to restore, balance, detach unhealthy attachments (behavioral patterns in relationship of all kind, addictions,etc.), and to raise and attract higher energies, frequencies, and vibrations.

Scientifically, smoke from burning sage is believed to clear out air born bacteria, which makes the space refreshing and clean helping to breathe and live better.

Light this smudge stick to cleanse your aura and space. You can keep the beautiful tourmaline piece in your living room or at the entrance of the house to protect from unwanted energy. Each piece is natural. Raw prices are fragile and should be handled with proper care. Due to the mica content it is not recommended to wash or soak in water.

Listing is for 1 pc smudge wand. Crystals are picked randomly. Size and colour may vary as we use natural dried flowers and crystal.

How to care for:
Take your smudge stick out of the packaging as soon as they arrive to you. Place them in an open basket where they can get plenty of fresh air. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Avoid keeping smudges in rooms with high humidity (Example: Garage, Laundry, Dryer, Air-con etc). As they are real dry flowers, colour may slightly fade as the time goes by. If taken care well, your smudge stick will last months and months and months looking absolutely beautiful. 






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