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PROTECTION- crystal bundle


Often, in everyday life, there are those who seek to bring us down, bad energy which seeks to infect our aura and many other threats from people and the universe. While there’s no single remedy for invading energies, as they’re a fundamental part of the human condition, the earth’s crystals are perfect for providing an energy more resistant to threats, therefore providing a layer of protection.

Our Protection Crystal Bundle includes Noble Shungite, ideal for grounding our body to the earth and warding off EMFs and electromagnetic smog, Smokey Quartz, helping us to leave behind internal threats such as negative thoughts and self doubt, Black Tourmaline, encouraging a more positive outlook and converting negative to positive energy, Black Obsidian, forming a shield against psychic attacks, and Hematite, encouraging a calming sensation in times of worry.

These stones are perfect to be used in times when one is more vulnerable, such as directly after receiving bad news or shock, a time when our emotional and spiritual guard is often left down, meaning the protection from crystals is of paramount importance. They can be placed in the home for a protective area, or used as a physical focus of meditation, allowing you to harness natural energy while you ground yourself in the present.

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