Peaceful Mind ~ Crystal Pack


A Gift Pack that creates a complete state of happiness through awakening our mental, emotional and physical self in a way that allows us to focus and pay gratitude to what’s at hand.  

what comes in this beautiful set: 

1x Mixed Morganite Bracelet: Through its ability to attract love, Morganite provides a strong energy of love and the capability to acknowledge emotional wants and needs. It aids in cleansing stress and supports moving forward with peace and self-assurance.  

1x Honey Calcite: Providing the lift that everyone needs, Honey Calcite aids in motivation and confidence when completing day to day tasks as well as increased energy allowing you to get the most out of your day and life.

1x Rose Quartz: Focusing on the heart, Rose Quartz is the mother of love and self-healing transforming all negative energy into positive. Without a doubt Rose Quartz is one of the strongest stones that transmits the most energy through its ability to restore any self-doubt in the area of love.

1x Fuchsite: Mental clarity and gentleness. Manifest your desires with fuchsite. Fuchsite also teaches us our true self worth. 

1x Howlite: Howlite is a beautiful gemstone that represents the spiritual qualities of stillness, tenderness, and open-mindedness. As we are undergoing our spiritual transformation, no matter what stage of the process we are in, Howlite provides the example of the snow leopard with its strength and focus, but also of the soft, white fur that it carries with it wherever he or she goes. Calming & super gentle stone excellent for sleep. 

1x Amethyst: Amethyst works to relieve distress, soothe irritability and balance mood. Promoting calmness as well as motivating. Amethyst work well when practicing mindfulness and self-reflection.

1x Clear quartz: The clear quartz meaning is driven by new beginnings, helping you to take advantage of the openness of a clear mind to manifest what you truly desire in life.

1x Peach Selenite: Cleansing & Balancing 

How To Use:

Meditate: holding the crystals or having them on your mat whist meditating allow you to connect with their heightened energy as well as connect with yourself and feel at peace.  

Crystal grid or layout: Placing the crystals on your body for a few minutes whilst you lay in bed either first thing in the morning or last thing before you sleep will allow your chakras to immerse the crystals energy levels.

Carry Them: Keeping your crystals close to you will allow their energy to follow and guide you wherever you go and will assist in keeping you grounded.

Decor: situate the crystals around your house and workspace to assist in cleansing the energy throughout the room and promote positive vibrations.

☆☆ Please note, all crystals are natural. Shape size, colour, clarity will vary. Earthy crystals are very unique and never identical☆☆ 

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Liss D
Peaceful Mind crystal pack



Dispatch was fast, product packed carefully & exactly as describe! Such beautiful gifts. Will definitely be purchasing again 💕


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