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Ocean Jasper Sphere on dragonfly stand



 Weight: 895g

Ocean Jasper

  • The Meanings and Benefits of Ocean Jasper
  • Ocean Jasper is one of the rarest varieties of Jasper, well known for its circular patterns. With an incredible combination of colors and stunning natural design - this is one of the world’s best-loved crystals. From Ocean Jasper’s benefits to its visual quality, this stone is a great addition to any collection.

    Ocean Jasper Crystal Properties

    Ocean Jasper is a great stone for aligning the different parts of your body, from the solar plexus through the throat chakras and down into the heart. This ensures that our body is working as one. Through this process, we can become more in touch with our emotions, allowing us to feel fuller and more in control.

    Through Ocean Jasper, we can heal and find resolution within our emotions. When we have control of our emotions, we become more in tune with those around us, improving our relationships.

    Overall, this stone allows us to become more in touch with ourselves, so we can feel positive when expressing our true selves.

    How to use Ocean Jasper

    As an alignment crystal, this stone should be used when we’re feeling off-balance. Many people recommend bringing Ocean Jasper to discussions of difficult topics, so you remain in touch with yourself throughout.

    This is an incredibly practical crystal that can impact your daily life for the better. Simply slip it into your pocket before difficult meetings or sensitive conversations, and you’ll have more strength to approach the day.

    Another method is to use Ocean Jasper as a meditation focus. By staring into this crystal and imagining ourselves from an external perspective, we can begin a unique journey brought by this stone.

    All in all, Ocean Jasper combines the rarity of prized crystals with the spiritual benefits that we crave. For those who want to feel more in touch with their emotions, understanding more about themselves, this is the stone for you.

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