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New Year New Me Gift bundle ~ Little bit of magick


A little bit of magick for your alter ♡ We have created this bundle with all our favourites. We also thought you may like the Medusa bath soak with black onyx for cleansing ritual. 

Bundle includes:

1x Seasons of the witch Oracle deck: 

Unlock of the power of Samhain energy every night of the year through these stunning cards and engaging guidebook, co-created by Juliet Diaz, author of The Witchery. This is a beautifully designed book and card deck set. Each of the forty-four cards will connect you to the spirit realm to bring healing, understanding, protection, and guidance. Discover the banshee's wrath, meet your sacred animal familiar, greet the nature spirits, or visit the graveyard with your coven to seek protection in the witching hour. The accompanying guidebook features original poetry from Juliet Diaz of November Sage that doubles as invocations for magick and ritual. Evocative guidance from Lorriane Anderson of Spirit Element guides you through your readings and the history and lore of Samhain celebrations, complete with spells and recipes. And the cards allow you to unlock secret insights to make the most of Samhain energy!

1x Black Onyx infused Medusa bath soak for rainy ritual. Made with Epsom salt, sage, dry flowers and aroma of aphrodisia. This is our absolute favourite soak. 

1x Aphrodite mists for divine feminine, passion and self love.

1x Namaste incense 

1x Tigers eye raw : Tiger's eye is a very popular stone when it comes to mental clarity and emotional balance. Each piece is unique and different. Beautiful healing vibration.

- inspiration
- perspective
- good luck
- balance
- clarity
- support
- motivation

1x Black Tourmaline: Black tourmaline is knows as a powerful protective stone. It is also a grounding crystal. You can keep this beauty in your living room or at the entrance of the house to receive protection from unwanted energy.

1x Chiastolite: Power and perseverance ~ Extremely calming ~ Strong protection against negative energy as it deflects it rather than absorbing it ~ Ward off curses ~ Strong connection with the cycle of death and rebirth

☆☆ Items comes nicely tissue wrapped in a shipping box ☆☆ 


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