'NEW MOON' - Crystal Bundle for New Lunar Cycle


'NEW MOON' Crystal bundle 

Our assortment of New Moon Crystals are ideal for renewal of your energy and spirit. Including Honey Calcite, aiding in ushering new ideas and encouraging new ventures, Clear Quartz for guidance and harmony, Citrine for creativity and opportunity, Snowflake Obsidian for grounding in the present and self control and Selenite for cleansing. Our collection includes a velvet bag for portability without causing damage to the precious crystals.

An essential collection for each new moon period, our crystals are sensitive to the energy given off in the renewal of a lunar cycle. These times are perfect for beginning to launch new projects and setting new intentions. As the light begins to build over the course of the cycle, this is the ultimate time to gather information before all becomes illuminated - and our crystals harness the energy to do just that, bringing your focus to those areas of your life which aren’t pushing you in new directions. There’s no better collection of crystals to keep close when beginning something new, be that a relationship, the new year or any project, no matter the size.

With a portable size and velvet bag, there’s no better way to keep the energy close at all times.




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