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'New beginning' with Lepidolite (New Version)



New beginning with Lepidolite mica. Lepidolite is excellent for letting go off old pattern and starting fresh. Lepidolite protects us from outer influences and helps us to preserve our own. Promotes calmness and inner peace. Great for sleep. Connects us with our inner being to help us love ourselves. It also encourages feelings of independence from all forms of neediness. 

Why smudge:

- Cleansing 

- Detoxify 

- Improves mood 

- Calming 

- Highly aromatic 

- Dispel negativity 

☆You will receive 1 piece randomly picked smudge wand with Lepidolite mica. Please note each piece of mica is completely different and unique. Smudges are handmade and never identical.  Colour and arrangements may slightly vary☆

☆Mica is soft and fragile in nature.  Please handle with care to prevent from breaking. Lepidolite mica is not to be washed or soak in water. Please use smoke blessings for cleansing ☆ 

Handmade in Sydney 

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