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'New Begining' - Lepidolite Gem posy


Artisan gem posies with lepidolite mica. Each posie is made with dry lavender and preserved flowers. Ideal for alter, home decor, work space, gift, door charm and more. 

Lepidolite protects us from outer influences and helps us to preserve our own. Promotes calmness and inner peace. Helps with sleep. Connects us with our inner being to help us love ourselves. It also encourages feelings of independence from all forms of neediness. Detoxifies emotions. Bringing calm and reducing dependency on others for emotional wellbeing. 

 Listing is for 1 pc intuitively picked gem posie. 

☆ These posies are NOT for lighting. They have  long shelf life as they are made with dry and preserved flowers ☆ 

Designed and made in Sydney,  Australia by Dante's Luxury LifeStyle. 

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