'Nag Champa' Candle ~ Citrine


Hand poured enchanted Soy candle made with the famous aroma of 'Nag Champa'. 

Each candle comes with a Citrine tumble (Heated). 

Citrine ~ Good luck, Passion, Creativity,  Motivation, Opportunity,  Wealth. 

☆Crystal is topping only and not placed in the candle. We recommend not to light the candle with crystal in it. As the crystal can heat up or clog up the wick☆

You can decorate your candle with gem provided when it is not lit. You can also use your gem to place near your candle, your living space, carry in your bag, place in pot plant.

》Each candle is appx 185 g 

》Wick~ Wood 

》Jar~ Glass 

What you will receive ~ 

1x Nag Champa Candle. 

1× Citrine (Heated) tumble. 



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