Periodically, Mercury enters a retrograde motion in which it moves contrary to its usual direction. This cosmic event can cause changes in energy levels in all aspects of life, as the unusual motion of the planet throws our energy out of kilter. To guide us through this unusual time, we provide Mercury Retrograde crystals, including Hematite, for protection against unexpected energy changes bringing negative feelings, Amethyst, for abundance and stress relief, Rose Quartz to invite heart healing, as we take a step back from occasionally chaotic energy during this time, Clear Quartz to invite guidance and harmony, and Selenite to aid in cleansing from negative energy.

Due to the unpredictable, volatile nature of retrograde energy, our crystals provide a pathway through which we can channel our energy for more stable auras. This is a time in which meditation is especially useful, so as to step away from such chaotic changes, and reflect, using Hematite and Amethyst to ward away negative feelings and relieve stress. Given that this is an unusual time, in which energy levels can put an unpredictable spin on daily events, it’s best to keep these crystals with you for constant support, using the velvet bag included with each bundle.

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