Manifest Crystal Pack



NOTE: Sage may be a cigar shape or bulb depending on availability

Description card is not included with this pack

A beautiful and energetically powerful set to manifest your soul calling. 

Gift set includes:

1x Tiger's eye ~ Inspiration~ Perspective~ Good luck~ Balance~ Clarity~ Support~ Motivation

1x White Sage to dispel negativity  

1x Caribbean Calcite ~ Deep Calm ~ Manifest Desire ~ Zen 

1x Moonstone ~ Emotional balance~  New beginning

1x Smokey Quartz ~ Grounding ~ Clear away mental fog ~ Protection  

1x Citrine (Treated) ~ Abundance,  Creativity,  Manifestation,  Success 

1x Selenite ~ Cleansing,  Protection 

Crystals may vary in shape, size, colour, clarity, formation and inclusion. Caribbean calcite colour will vary. Towers are mostly greenish blue with inclusion.  

How To Use:

Meditate: holding the crystals or having them on your mat whist meditating allow you to connect with their heightened energy as well as connect with yourself and feel at peace.  

Crystal grid or layout: Placing the crystals on your body for a few minutes whilst you lay in bed either first thing in the morning or last thing before you sleep will allow your chakras to immerse the crystals energy levels.

Carry Them: Keeping your crystals close to you will allow their energy to follow and guide you wherever you go and will assist in keeping you grounded.

Decor: situate the crystals around your house and workspace to assist in cleansing the energy throughout the room and promote positive vibrations.

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