Dante's Luxury

Love and Relationship - Crystal Gift Set



Looking for a thoughtful gift for your partner? We have something in store for you! Harmony, understanding, and stability are some of the key ingredients of a happy relationship. 

The kit comes with handpicked



Rose Quartz,


Green Aventurine,

Clear Quartz,

White Sage

Little flower posy (With/without lavender depending on the availability)

to usher in a world of positivity to your and your loved one's lives.

These exquisite crystals are loaded with mystical powers that connect your soul to the universe. They not only provide you with a feel-good vibe but also harbor empathy, kindness, forgiveness, and compassion within your heart, to aid your relationship. Amethyst strengthens your bond further, to establish a lifelong connection of love, joy, and togetherness. The powerful white sage cleanses your body, mind, and soul from all sorts of negative energies, and allows you to open up to the immensely positive powers of the universe. So let the crystals cast their charms!

Please note each crystal is intutively picked. Colour, size, shape, clarity will vary. 

Kit comes with information flyer. 


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