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'Indulge' Gift Bundle ~ Our Favourite


Allow oneself to enjoy the pleasure of nature. A gift bundle like no other, curated with the best selling and most loving goodies from Dante's Luxury collection. Indulge bundle includes ~ 

♡ Self love Book ~ Self-Love provides practical ways to work with the seven main chakras and aura, the energy of the moon, the elements, the seasons, crystals, aromatherapy, mantras and mudras, the art of making love, healthy plant-based recipes, and cleansing and self-nurture practices.

♡ Let Go Affirmation Cards~ Pick a card each morning to start your day. Each card has an affirmation quote to help you let go of feelings that no longer serves you. 

♡ Citrine Bath Soak ~ Blissful happy bath soak with citrine (treated). Epsom salt soak with the aroma of juicy watermelon.

♡ Love Goddess Crystal Candle ~ Honeysuckle 

♡ Crystal Cleansing Bundle ~ White Sage + Palo Santo and Clear Quartz. 



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