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House Clearing/Blessings kit


**A complete kit with Selenite for your house clearing, house warming or smudging ceremony**

We have carefully created this kit with all the love from our heart and blessing from mother earth.

This gorgeous full set includes:


  1. 1x Black Tourmaline from Brazil (please note they may be in matrix with mica which holds lovely yet powerful vibration) 
  2. 1x California White Sage From California U.S.A
  3. 1x Clear Quartz from India 
  4. 2x Holy Palo Santo wood from Ecuador
  5. 1x Selenite Beam from Morocco 
  6. 1x Snow Flake Obsidian from Brazil 


**A complete set of beautiful sacred herbs, wood, botanical and crystals to keep your space clear of negative vibration**

This kit makes the perfect gift for everyone.

Start your journey with the Sage Stick. Light the tip of your smudge stick, gently blow the smoke and go clock wise. Say your affirmation out loud :) When done splash some water to extinguish the fire. You can use your holy palo santo sticks the same way as the smudge stick. Place your Selenite beam and Tourmaline in any chosen corner of your living space. Keep the tumbled obsidian close to you. 

All items inside the kit may vary slightly in sizes and colours due to their nature.

**A complete spiritual gift**

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