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Hematoid Sphere with dragons fly stand


Hematoid 342 g

  • Meaning of Hematoid Crystal
  • Hematoid is a potent but lesser-known crystal that acts as a great source of grounding - keeping us aware of real life. On those days when it feels like our head is in the clouds, Hematoid is there to bring us back to nature and the present. Connecting the Crown and Root Chakra, this stone is also a great source of balance, keeping our thoughts and emotions in check.

    With a delicate white color, inflected with red Hematite, this stone also transforms your space visually, creating an environment for you to thrive.

    Hematoid Spiritual Properties

    As a quartz stone, Hematoid benefits other stones in its presence, amplifying their energies and effects. Individually, these stones allow us to feel a strong connection with the present - bringing us back from anxious thoughts about the past or future.

    Along with this grounding effect comes an emotional peace which is often hard to achieve without spiritual support. By connecting the Chakras, this stone brings release and relaxation, giving us a cherished quiet moment when we meditate.

    Many people rely on Hematoid Quartz to promote wealth, as it clears the mind and allows us to focus on our goals. Whether it’s monetary or personal gain, this stone gives us the clarity we need to achieve our ambitions.

    But how should I use Hematoid?

    Wherever you place this stone, it will attract fluid energy, moulding to the individual. This makes it great for new spaces, as the energy moulds to a new environment along with you.

    Some suggest that placing this Hematoid in the north of your room will aid in career fulfilment. However, placing this stone anywhere in your sacred space will reap huge benefits.

    All in all, despite being a lesser-known crystal Hematoid benefits us in many different ways. As a grounding crystal, it can do wonders for anxiety and mental health, bringing us back into the present, while radiating positive energy.

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