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Harmony with Sodalite - Smudge Wand


H A R M O N Y 

A stone for trust, communication and harmony.  If you are instantly drawn to this beautiful blue stone then you may need her in your life. These beautiful smudge wands are crafted with wild harvested sage, Australian bush flowers, wheat and sodalite crystal point. 

Sodalite crystal is the mighty helper to get back in touch with our senses. She also gives us the strength and energy to boost our higher consciousness. A good balance is really important to promote harmony and in this case Sodalite is our favourite.  

Sodalite smudge wand properties:

- Dispel negativity 

- Cleansing 

- Balancing 

- Improves mood

- Relax and rejuvenate 

- Brings in harmony 

Listing is for 1 pc randomly picked wand 

☆Comes with user instruction ☆

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