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Good luck, Opportunity and Success Crystal Pack


NOTE: Sage may be a cigar shape or bulb depending on availability. Fuchsite , citrine and clear quartz may be raw or tumbled depending on the availability. 

Lovingly crafted with guidance and healing. Feel the magic and warmth with this beautiful earthy crystal & smudging gift set.

Set includes:

Green aventurine
- Success
- Wealth
- Opportunity
- Clarity

- Heart chakra
- Stone for miracle
- Calming

Clear quartz
- Master healer
- Clarity
- Guidance
- Manifestation

- Merchant's stone
- Creativity 

 White sage Smudge Stick
- Dispel negativity
- Calming
- Aromatic
- Earthy
- Handmade
- Improves mood

- Cleansing 

Each piece of crystal is unique, different in shape and clarity. ☆Green Aventurine towers comes in many shades of green, you may or may not receive a darker green. All pieces are beautiful ☆ 

Crystals are randomly picked for you. Size and clarity may slightly vary because of its nature.

Perfect kit for anyone needing motivation, looking for new opportunity, success and healing guidance.


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