GARNET - Crlestial Unisex Bracelet
GARNET - Crlestial Unisex Bracelet

GARNET - Crlestial Unisex Bracelet

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GARNET- Celestial unisex bracelet

Small  Size: 18.5cm

The stone of connection and commitment, Red Garnet represents Love. It rejuvenates feelings by enhancing sexuality and bringing warmth, devotion and understanding to a relationship. It helps one hold honesty and sincerity in high regard of themselves and what they expect from a partner. Red Garnet can be used to control anger, especially towards the self.

In a world of fast fads and trends, leave behind surface level expectations for Red Garnet and let it close to your heart. The stones energy burns passionately, slowly and steadily… every heart can learn a lot from this stone.

Made with premium grade crystals.

Handmade in Sydney, Australia 

SHORT: 18.5cm

LONG: 21.5cm