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Galena- Raw


1pc Galena- Shamanic soul retrieval, alchemist self-transformation, past life recall

Related Chakra: Base

Element: Earth

-Galena acts as a powerful mirror, reflecting light into the deepest, darkest regions of our shadow self.

-It encourages temperance, tolerance and peace as we learn to embrace the aspects of ourselves we have long feared. It provides strong grounding and helps in centering our energies in order to overcome our self limiting beliefs.

-Galena is one of the ultimate grounding stones that exist. It has a very stimulating and balancing energy that can remove emotional blocks, and it will infuse you with a strong ‘can do’ attitude.

-Ancient Egyptians used it as kohl under their eyes to reduce the sun’s glare and to protect them from diseases carried by flies. It will also absorb negative energies and convert them to useful and uplifting energies.

-It is known to stability and security to areas of your life where there’s confusion, conflict, or overworked emotions. Galena will enhance the power of other stones and crystals. It will augment them with its clarity and purity.

-This stone will also help you access your spiritual wisdom and give you a better perspective when making a tough decision. It’s a stone that harmonizes the physical body with the spiritual body. It will promote peace and tolerance in your life and give you a different perspective during challenging times.

You will receive 1 pc randomly picked Galena from the pictures above. All pieces are beautiful. They are small in size but heavy in weight.

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