Dante's Luxury

'FULL MOON' Crystal bundle


A full moon represents completion and letting go - something which is integral to growing as people. The ideal time for introspection and identifying which parts of ourselves and our lives are complete, our crystals aid in harnessing this positive energy of a completed lunar cycle. Each bundle includes Moon Stone for growth and strength, Clear Quartz for inspiring guidance, Black Obsidian to absorb our fears, Amethyst for abundance, and Selenite for cleansing. While the size and shape may vary due to being natural and picked intuitively, each stone represents the acceptance of natural flaws and natural state, allowing you to connect with yourself and feel complete as you are.

Often used in conjunction with new moon crystals in accordance with lunar cycles, these crystals help us identify and be content with the progress we’ve made in our intentions we set out at the new moon. Just as a full moon sheds light on what would otherwise be invisible, our crystal collection allows us to see parts of ourselves and their improvement, allowing us to be confident in our progress.

Each bundle includes a velvet bag, making it easy to keep your crystals on your person, and harness their energy throughout the day.


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