Dante's Luxury

For 'Energy Revitalizing' ~ Calcite Smudge Wand


Calcite is excellent to integrate the spiritual realm with the physical body

- Creativity

- Helpful when working with emotional issues

- Energize and cleanse the lower chakras.

- Helps to overcome stress and depression

Why smudge:

- Cleansing 

- Detoxify 

- Improves mood 

- Calming 

- Highly aromatic 

- Dispel negativity 


☆You will receive 1 piece intutively picked smudge wand with calcite tower. Please note each piece of point/tower is completely different and unique. Smudges are handmade and never identical.  Colour and arrangements may slightly vary☆

Designed and Handmade in Sydney 

Crystal towers are appx between 7-9 cm. Smudge is appx 18-20 cm long.  


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