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Flower magic smudge with Fluorite heart


A handcrafted magical herbstick/smudge stick with fluorite crystal heart.

Be the magical being you are with this stunning smudge wand. Light this beautiful earthy stick to cleanse your mind, body, aura and living space. 

I have picked out some of the most beautiful fluorite crystal hearts for you. These stunners are from Brazil. Each heart is beaming with earthy energy. Amazing shades of green and purple will make your heart sing. 

You can light the smudge with the crystal or without. The choice is yours. Each wand comes with a mantra and instruction. 

What is Fluorite crystals used for you ask?

Fluorite absorbs and neutralises negative energy and stress. This beauty also increases our focus, self-confidence and helps us in decision-making.  Excellent tool to balance energies. Fluorite is well known to improve balance and coordination, both physically and mentally.

Why Smudging?

- Dispel negative energy

- Improves mood

- Balance emotions 

- Purifies air 

- Releases stress and tension

- Earthy and natural

- Excellent for ritual and meditation 

- Perfect tool to cleanse your space

- Soothing

Please note listing is for 1 smudge only. May vary slightly as they handmade with natural flowers and crystal.

Designed and made by me (Trish) in Sydney,  Australia 



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