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Flower Agate Moon Necklace ~ 1 pc


Gorgeous Flower agate moon necklace. Listing is for 1 pc intutively picked necklace. All necklaces are handcrafted in NSW. Chain is gold colour. 

Flower Agate meaning~ Sometimes, we need a little extra push to help us reach our true heights. Flower Agate is a crystal that’s focused on stretching our highest potential. It’s the perfect spiritual remedy for motivation and self-growth, helping us achieve.

With a soft pink glow, interspersed with white details, this stone represents the delicate path to your goals. Its spiritual profile resembles a field of flowers - somewhere we’d all like to go in the end, pushing us to do what we can to get there.

Flower Agate Spiritual Benefits

We all have fears and self-doubt, but Flower Agate protects us against these two co-existing evils, ensuring that we can overcome them. Through this, Flower Agate helps us see the world without our self-critical eyes. If you like to manifest your future, Flower Agate will help you get the best out of your intentions.

On top of this, this crystal has a mothering presence, reflected in its color. When we’re surrounded by this crystal, we can be sure of nurturing protection, hoping for our success. This energy keeps us grounded while comforting us through the hard times.

How to use Flower Agate

By placing this stone on your altar or in your workspace, you can be sure of its cleansing presence throughout your meditation or workday. This is the perfect stone to lighten up your sacred space both visually and spiritually. When your space is radiating positive energy, everyone benefits and Flower Agate does just that.

What’s more, many recommend placing this stone over the heart when meditating, in order to receive its nurturing benefits. Whatever we do, this stone is sure to benefit each of us individually.

Overall, this is an incredibly delicate stone, designed to aid your journey toward self-growth. With this, we can also enjoy many other benefits - it’s a stone that truly lights up your life.

Natural dents and cracks visible. 



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