Dante's Luxury

Everyday smudging set


We have put together this beautiful mini set for everyday cleansing ritual. Truely believe all of us can incorporate a bit of magic in our daily life to keep us calm, grounded and focused.

This kit comes with the following items:

- White sage : Pure Californian white sage. Excellent for energy cleansing. Highly aromatic, improves mood.

- Palo santo: Best known for its gorgeous aroma and calming and cleansing vibrations. Ethically sourced from Peru.

- Snow flake obsidian: Our personal favourite stone. Excellent for absorbing negativity. Helps to combat fear, anxiety and anger.

- Clear Quartz: Master healer. This is your spirit guide for life. Crown chakra balance, reiki, meditation, calmness, clarity.

- Smudging mantra: A little piece of mantra to guide and help you activate the kit.

***Size, shape and the colour may slightly vary as they are natural items***

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