'EVERYDAY' crystal bundle

$40.00 AUD

While energy levels are often changing due to the cosmic movements in the universe, we often need a source of support which can weather all storms. A diverse array of crystals with properties to give strength and transform energy levels, no matter what stage of the lunar cycle, or despite a retrograde, is what you need, and it’s exactly what we provide. With Smokey Quartz for grounding and stability, Fluorite for focus, Pyrite which invites abundance and protection, Clear Quartz, for guidance and harmony, Selenite for cleansing and Rose Quartz for heart healing.

This is the ideal bundle for those just getting started harnessing the energy of crystals, who may not have identified times of the lunar cycle which they particularly need to focus on - or those who just need some everyday support. Due to their stabilising and focusing, these crystals are best placed in the parts of your life where you spend the most time, in order to interact most often, such as the office or living room. Size and shape may vary due to each stone being natural, with each unique shape representing the unique energy within each person.


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