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'Earth Energy' Smudge wand with Llanite


Llanite has a powerful vibration that resonates earth energy. A stone that has many purposes. This beauty is also known as 'Que Sera'.The name Que Sera is actually derived from the phrase ‘que sera, sera’ which translates to ‘what will be, will be’. Its name is actually symbolic and representative of its unique formation. That being the fact that the stone comes from the ‘Grand Formation’ of the planet. Ideal for soothing, healing, re-energizing. This stone has the ability to do virtually anything in the metaphysical sense. 

Each smudge wand is handmade with dry sage, dry lavender and dry bushflowers. 

- Dispel negativity 

- Improves mood

- Highly aromatic 

- Cleansing 

☆Listing is for 1pc intutively picked smudge only☆

Crystal tower is between 7-9 cm long 

How to care for:
Take your smudge stick out of the packaging as soon as they arrive to you. Place them in an open basket where they can get plenty of fresh air. Keep them out of direct sunlight. Avoid keeping smudges in rooms with high humidity (Example: Garage, Laundry, Dryer, Air-con etc). As they are real dry flowers, colour may slightly fade as the time goes by. If taken care well, your smudge stick will last months and months and months looking absolutely beautiful.

♡Designed and handmade by us in Sydney,  Australia♡

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