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Divine Feminine - Tamara Von Forslun


Be guided by the power of the oracles of the divine feminine. Feel her words and be enshrouded with her guidance and magic.

For over 5 decades Lady Tamara Von Forslun has been invoking the Goddess at every Full Moon within her Magick Circle. These are the words that were spoken through her as an Oracle High Priestress of the Divine Feminine in her many forms.

Be guided by Her Magick and Mystery as she transmits the Words of the Goddess of the Ancient world into the 21st century to guide the Querent.

Although Tamara has received over 1000 oracles by an eclectic array of Goddesses, this Oracle deck ''Oracles of the Divine Feminine - Goddess of 10,000 Names" she has selected only 48 as Oracle Cards, also with a detailed Booklet of over 125 Pages explaining the Oracle Cards in Full. 

Created by Tamara Von Forslun

Illustrated by Anil & Nanashi 



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